By TT News| Jun 18, 2021

Kordsa Participates In JEC World 2021, Sponsors JEC Innovation Awards

Kordsa, a global tyre, construction reinforcement and composites technology company, participated in the JEC world 2021 and sponsored the JEC Innovation Awards. 

The company conducted two webinars at the event which was held virtually this year. The first webinar was covered by Elif Erdogen, Market Development Manager, about the new generation composite technologies from the company. The second webinar was conducted by Wylie Simpson, Ceramics Engineer, Axiom Material, on ceramic matrix composites (CMC).

Murat Oğuz Arcan, Chief Operating Officer for Composites, Kordsa, said, “At Kordsa, we are growing decisively and reinforcing more and more areas every day, with our long-standing experience, strong synergy between our business lines, our R&D power, the right investments and collaborations. With our flexible and agile structure that updates itself with the new trends and adapts to change in the best way possible, we have always been and continue to be a company pioneering through exemplary breakthroughs in the industries we are in. Latest topics in the industries we serve, such as mobility, sustainability, circular economy and electrification are at the top of our agenda. We are transforming standards and shaping the future with our work and innovations in all of these areas.” (TT)

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