By TT News| Jan 15, 2021

Kordsa to supply carbon fibre fabrics to TRB for lightweight EV battery enclosures

Reinforcement manufacturer Kordsa will supply carbon fibre fabrics to TRB Lightweight Structure to support the latter’s manufacturing of composite battery enclosures for electric vehicles.

Kordsa will cater to TRB’s requirements from both its headquarters in Turkey and its US-based company Fabric Development Inc. The first shipments were made to TRB in the UK in November 2020 and will continue at the British composite manufacturer’s unit in Kentucky, USA.

Talking about the development, Ali Çalışkan, Kordsa CEO, said, “Through this project, we are now reinforcing a wider area of life with our new collaborations in the field of composites. This valuable supplier agreement with TRB will enable our carbon fibre fabrics in EV battery packs, reducing their weight without compromising their quality. We are pleased to work with TRB, with whom we share a similar vision for the future - to contribute to the world’s successful transition to sustainable transportation.”

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