As a leading manufacturing automation solutions provider, Kuka is anticipating a significant shift to smart and flexible automation solutions
By Bhushan Mhapralkar|Aug 12, 2021

Kuka bets on flexible production and logistics solutions

Expecting an increase in demand from industry sectors in 2021, including automotive, Kuka is betting on a shift to flexible production and logistics solutions. Introducing new robot models in the low payload category, it is pursuing ‘mission 2030’ that looks at making automation simpler, more intuitive and therefore available to everyone. Introducing an upgraded simulation software, Kuka.Sim.4.0, which promises greater functionality and lower time requirement by bringing robot applications to life even before the real system is put into operation, the German automation specialist, which has a presence in India in the form of Kuka India Pvt. Ltd and Kuka Systems (India) Pvt Ltd, is lowering the entry threshold such that programming a robot is as easy as working on a personal computer (PC) through easy commissioning, operation and programming

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