By TT News| Mar 04, 2021

Kumho Tyres Shine In ADAC Summer Tyre Test

Kuhmo’s ECSTA PS71 and ECSTA HS51 from ECSTA high-performance tyre line have scored highly in the latest annual test of summer tyres carried out by ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club).

The Kumho ECSTA PS71 was ranked 3rd overall out of the 17 225/50R17Y products tested, while the Kumho ECSTA HS51 shared 4th place among the list of 15 16-inch tyres.

The company said it was one of only five brands overall to receive a ‘good’ vote from the judges in a year when the test was considered to be notably demanding.

Marks were given for dry handling, wet handling, noise/comfort, wear and fuel efficiency. Kumho claimed its tyres score above average in almost all the disciplines, but the HS51 achieved the highest mark of all for its degree of fuel efficiency.


The asymmetrically-patterned PS71 was one of the first major products to be developed at the company’s new R&D Centre at Yongin near Seoul, South Korea, and has been designed for outstanding high-speed stability and strong wet weather performance. The pattern is currently available in a wide selection of Y-rated sizes from 17 to 20 inches in diameter. In addition, some 14 V, W and Y-rated run-flat sizes now form part of the PS71 line-up, all of which are available for sale in the UK. Last but not least are examples of the newly-launched ECSTA PS71 SUV, a version of the pattern specially developed for the many large, powerful SUVs destined to spend 100 percent of their life on-road.


The ECSTA HS51 is no newcomer to praise, having featured strongly in past industry tyre tests by the leading British car publication Auto Express and the well-regarded German consumer magazine ACE Lenkrad. The ECSTA HS51 features a solid rib-type design for improved wet road braking, four prominent circumferential grooves for optimum water displacement, and wide lateral ones for enhanced wet weather steering. HS51 is available for 15 to 17 inch rims, in widths from 185 to 235mm, and H, V and W speed ratings.


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