By MT Bureau| Apr 27, 2021

Kwik Fit Launches New Car Maintenance Subscription Scheme

Kwik Fit has announced the launch of a unique motoring maintenance subscription service. They are launching the trial of this new Kwik Fit Club service in the North West and Yorkshire regions, with a national rollout to follow this summer.

The Kwik Fit Group is one of the largest independent automotive parts, repair, and replacement specialists in the world. It has over 600 service centres across the UK and more than 200 mobile tyre fitting vehicles.

A research study by Opinium found that 17.7 million UK drivers said they would be interested in a pay monthly scheme for their motoring maintenance. The concept is aimed at drivers in the 18-34 age group based on their interest in subscription schemes.

 The membership covers all tyre wear, including repairs and premium tyre replacement, wheel alignment, and half-yearly health checks. They also have the option to include their MOT and servicing costs. Drivers can join the programme and keep track of their subscription through an app, and although they can nominate a ‘home garage’, their membership can be used at any of Kwik Fit’s centres across the country.

The monthly subscription cost is tailored to a driver’s circumstances based on the car they drive, the mileage they cover, and the condition of their tyres when they start their membership. Members can also opt for a multi-car membership to cover all their vehicles. The user gets an estimated cost based on the information they provide on the app and following a visit to a Kwik Fit centre, a confirmed quote will be offered and their membership can be activated. The membership is currently only available to drivers based in North West England and Yorkshire.

Roger Griggs, Communications Director at Kwik Fit, says: “It’s younger drivers who are most worried about their lack of car knowledge or the fact that they could be facing a big bill when going to a garage.  It’s also these younger drivers who are most likely to put off repairs and maintenance.  Benefits of Kwik Fit Club include members getting regular free health checks on their car and having regular, predictable maintenance costs instead of one-off spikes.  If you think about buying four new tyres, traditionally car owners would pay for them all in one go – with Kwik Fit Club the cost is spread over the life of tyres – drivers are paying for them as they use them.” (MT)

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