By TT News| Jul 21, 2021

Lamborghini Huracán STO Fitted With Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone’s Potenza Sport tyres have been selected as the OE for the Lamborghini Huracán STO. Additionally, custom made Bridgestone Potenza Race semi-slick tyres are also an available option for the new vehicle.

The Potenza Sport tyres promise the driver excellent dry grip owing to the optimised tread compound, pattern and sporty tyre profile, which increases grip and handling in dry conditions. Maximised contact area and even pressure distribution of these tyres provide enhanced braking and cornering abilities, leading to long-lasting on-track performance and outstanding lap time ability. Its carcass design allows high-performance on normal roads too.

Paying homage to the tyre's origin, the tyre’s tread is lined with the colours of the Italian flag.

The race tyres have been developed using virtual tyre modelling and simulation technologies, which enable a digital twin of a tyre to be developed and tested.  The virtual environment has allowed more variants to be tested considering the extreme speed of modifying, which ultimately cut the vehicle’s time to market. The virtual design has helped find Huracán STO’s optimal match to maximise the tyre’s contact area and distribute pressure evenly under the most severe cornering, braking and traction conditions.

Steven De Bock, VP, Consumer Replacement and OE, Bridgestone EMIA, said, “It’s brilliant to collaborate once again with Lamborghini, especially as the sole tyre supplier for the incredible Huracán STO. We already proudly launched our custom Potenza Sport tyres for the vehicle, and now we’re excited to provide Potenza Race tyres specifically for track-goers and high-performance enthusiasts. Both tyres maximise the vehicle’s impressive capabilities in different ways and I’m proud to speak for a team who can provide this level of detail and coverage to Lamborghini customers.” (TT)


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