By MT Bureau| Jan 10, 2022

Landmark Cars Holds Off-Roading Event In Gandhidham

Landmark Cars has conducted an SUV off-roading event which saw participation from high-end luxury SUVs including Mercedes-Benz GLC, GLE and GLS at Gandhidham in Gujarat. 

During the event, expert rally drivers assisted the participants to hone their driving and off-roading skills. They also provided tips to navigate the off-roading terrain with utmost safety and skill. 

Landmark Cars built a special off-roading track at the Ramada Gandhidham for the event, conducted by a team of professional rally drivers. The track was rough, with a total of eight complicated obstacles meant to provide a challenging off-roading ride.  

Paras Somani, Executive Director, Group Landmark, said, “Off-roading is becoming an increasingly popular sport in India. We put these advanced Mercedes-Benz SUVs on the course to provide the crowd with a thrilling experience, making the off-roading event so unique. We have been planning and preparing for this event at Landmark Cars, and we are delighted with the overwhelming customer response to this one-of-a-kind event.” 

The event highlighted the “versatile and dynamic attributes of Mercedes-Benz SUVs, which enabled the honing of the off-roading skills of participants,” the company said in a release. (MT)   

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