By TT News| Oct 20, 2021

Lanxess And BP To Sustainably Produce High-Performance Plastics

Lanxess, a speciality chemical manufacturer, has partnered with energy company bp to produce high-tech plastics using sustainable raw materials.

The chemical company will produce high-performance plastics using sustainably produced cyclohexane, which will be supplied by bp at Lanxess' Antwerp facility in Belgium, starting in the 4th quarter of 2021. The raw material has been certified as per ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) rules for its sustainable origin. The company will be using the material as a precursor in the production of polyamide 6, a high-performance plastic used in the automotive, electrical and consumer goods industries. 

Marcel Beermann, Head – Global Procurement and Logistics, Lanxess, said, "High-performance plastics are the solution for many sustainable products, for example in various e-mobility applications. It is now important to also make the production of this valuable material sustainable. In this context, the use of bio-based raw materials, along with modern recycling processes, is a key lever. We are delighted to have bp as a strategic partner at our side.” (TT)

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