By MT Bureau| Apr 05, 2021

Lanxess Entering Battery Chemistry Business

Lanxess forays into the battery chemistry business by collaborating with Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co. (Tinci). Lanxess will produce electrolyte formulations for lithium-ion batteries under the Chinese company's authorisation, starting next year.

For production, Lanxess will use a high-tech plant operated by its subsidiary Saltigo. In this plant, electrolytes can be formulated in line with the highest quality requirements. Saltigo will bring its extensive chemical expertise to the partnership and help expand experience in the field of electrolyte production.

“The upswing in E-Mobility is accelerating. Numerous new plants for battery cell production are currently being built in Europe. This fast-growing market also offers great opportunities for Lanxess, especially in the field of battery chemistry. We already produce many raw materials for battery manufacturing. The cooperation with Tinci is another step in establishing ourselves in this market,” said Anno Borkowsky, Member of the Board of Management at Lanxess. (MT)



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