Apr 22, 2020

Lost in Translation

Antony Powath

In the day and age of modern technology and high-speed internet, are we losing the human connect? It certainly seems that way...

When we were kids, it was easy to meet and interact with people. You would not call your friends or family to check if they are free to meet. You would just head right in front of their doorstep and ring the bell, or better yet, just walk right in if the door was open. Nowadays parents need to check the schedule of their children’s Google calendar to see if they are free for Thanksgiving or any other celebration.

Now a days if we have to meet people we have to go through various methods to know if they are free to meet. You would have to send an email or send a WhatsApp/ text message to see if they are free to call. Then, if they are free, we can call to check if they are free to meet. Yes, we are all busier than our elders were. However, for a moment I stopped to wonder if it was self-infected.

Due to technology we are more connected and at the same time disconnected than ever. You have so many friends in social media, but hardly do you ever meet any of them. I bet it has been ages since you even said ‘Hi’ to them unless you get a notification that about their birthday or anniversary. Even if you do get the notification, you may just send emojis and wish your friends ‘Happy birthday.’ If you are in a group, you tend to get even lazier and just copy and paste when everyone wishes.

This theory applies in today’s business outlook as well. We send an email to a client or colleague. However, we try to sound better and use software such as grammerly to get the proper sentence. At the end, when you send the mail, it may not represent your actual behaviour/ character, which may sometimes give the person reading the message a bemused look – ‘is it really this guy or is his email account hacked!’ 

It may also turn sometimes for the worse. The receiver of the mail may get offended as the message would have been perceived differently. This may occur especially if we have never met the person at all, and you are trying to establish a connection.

Now days since we are connected all the time, we have our email accounts connected to our phones and we have the impulse to always answer the email or WhatsApp as soon as we get the mails. They say WhatsApp is similar to a diaper, you keep checking it even if there is nothing.

Checking mails at ungodly hours upsets the sleep pattern, which hits us at a later stage in life.

It makes it more and more important that we meet people face to face rather than in the digital world in various forums like exhibitions, conferences or may be even at the client's office. The engagement is better, thinking and wavelength gets more in sync and the relationship with your client enhances.

So we should ideally look to have an intervention to get hooked off the digital world.

Antony Powath is President of Pin 365

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