By MT Bureau| Apr 07, 2021

Magna’s Camera-Based Technology Helps Reduce Vehicle Accidents

In an effort to reduce vehicular accidents due to distracted drivers, Magna has devised an advanced driver monitoring system that alerts drivers when they take their eyes off the road for too long.

The market-ready technology uses a camera integrated into the inside rear-view mirror to monitor the drivers head, eye and body movement to detect distracted behaviour, drowsiness and fatigue. The intelligent technology accounts for standard driving actions and alerts drivers only on excessive distracted behaviour through audible or visual notifications.

The system is scalable to include child presence detection, seat belt detection and identifying specific passengers to enable user preference memory settings. The technology has been tested thoroughly and meets global regulations related to the detection of distracted driving.

Talking about the system, John O’Hara, President, Magna Mirrors and Electronics, said, “Magna’s Driver Monitoring System offers automakers and consumers a future-focused solution that addresses a significant societal issue – distracted driving. The system is a natural extension of our leadership expertise in cameras and mirror technology and demonstrates our systems-level approach that brings innovative solutions to industry challenges.” (MT)

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