By MT Bureau| Oct 29, 2020

Mahindra Launches E 3-W Cargo To Tap Demand In First And Last Mile Delivery

Mahindra Electric Mobility launched its new electric 3-wheeler cargo model, Treo Zor, for the first and last-mile connectivity.  

Starting the prices at INR2.73 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi, net of FAME-II and State subsidies), the Treo Zor is based on Treo auto platform and comes in three variants- Pickup, Delivery Van and Flat Bed. The new cargo will be available from December 2020 at Mahindra small commercial vehicle dealerships.

According to the company, electric cargo three-wheelers have captured 40 percent of the last mile logistic market. The boom in e-commerce and e-retail businesses will bring more demand for electric 3-wheeler cargo vehicles. Coupled with this, increasing awareness of consumers on total-cost of ownership, comfortability, safety, and brand consciousness will further fuel demand for electric 3-wheeler cargo.

Mahindra Electric Mobility claims the Treo Zor saves over INR 60,000 per year against existing diesel cargo 3-wheelers due to the running cost of 40 paisa/km. The savings will enable the user to buy a new one within four years. 

The Treo Zor delivers performance with 8kW motor that delivers a torque of 42 Nm, carrying a payload of 550 kg. This combination helps the vehicle give faster turnaround, more trips, resulting in higher earnings, said the company.

With Battery life of 1,50,000 km, the Treo Zor has a range of 125 km in a single charge. It has an advanced lithium-ion battery, which can be charged with a 15 Amp socket in three hours and 50 mins fully.

The vehicle also has the longest wheelbase and the largest tyres in the 3-wheeler cargo segment to provide a firm ride. It has a loading height of 675 mm, and the cargo tray opens from three sides. Connected and Efficient fleet management is offered with NEMO Mobility Platform. Designed with unique dual-tone exteriors, the Treo Zor has rust-free, dent-resistant, modular SMC panels provide a better life, ease of repair and replacement.

The 3-wheeler has other features such as Telematics unit and GPS, spare wheel provision, driving modes - FNR (Forward, Neutral, Reverse), Economy and Boost mode, Lockable glove box, 12V socket, 15-amp off-board charger, Hazard indicator and Reverse Buzzer.

“On the 75th anniversary of Mahindra, we are driven by the purpose for a tomorrow that is clean, green and technologically connected. I believe that India has a huge opportunity to become the world leader in electric vehicles for the first and last-mile connectivity. Our Treo platform demonstrates our commitment to AtmaNirbhar Bharat through the latest technology and Make in India. The Treo Zor will provide a clean, sustainable and affordable solution for last-mile delivery,” said Dr Pawan Goenka, MD & CEO, Mahindra & Mahindra. 

Speaking at the launch, Mahesh Babu, MD & CEO, Mahindra Electric said, “The proven Treo electric 3-wheeler platform has already redefined last-mile mobility with 5,000 plus satisfied customers who have traversed 35 million kms on Indian roads.” 

Treo Zor comes with a standard warranty of three years/80,000 km. The Treo Zor has been developed with cutting edge technology to deliver substantial customer value proposition and is set to significantly enhance its customers’ savings, helping them fulfil their dreams and aspirations and thereby redefine last-mile delivery. With the Treo, the company has saved about 1,925 metric tonnes of CO2, he added. (MT)


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