By MT Bureau| Feb 19, 2021

MAHLE’s Heating Systems to Boost Cruising Range of EVs

MAHLE’s new generation high voltage PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heaters will boost cruising range of Evs in winter months. The system working alongside a heat pump can extend the range by around 20 percent when temperatures are freezing.

The system replaces traditional sensors with an intelligent system of hardware and software, incorporating the heating elements and integrating all of the functions. The hardware continuously analyses the electrical resistance of the PTC elements in the heater and adjusts accordingly. The integration of electronics into the systems makes these heaters more compact, lighter, and cheaper.

Dr Jorg Stratmann, Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board and CEO, said, “Our heating systems make electric vehicles more comfortable and help to extend their cruising range—an important issue, especially in winter. By consistently pursuing the ongoing development of our portfolio aimed at temperature control in the cabin, MAHLE is making e-mobility more attractive”. (MT)

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