By TT News| Apr 21, 2021

Marangoni Presents Cold Retreaded Truck Tyres In Italy

Marangoni has introduced its Marix bead-to-bead cold retreaded truck tyres in the Italian market.

The cold retreaded tyre is made by covering the sidewalls with a special compound to make them more resistant to impacts and scraping, a benefit in terms of technical substance, not just appearance.

The product created by applying a Blackline precured tread ring is combined with the benefits of the Marangoni Ringtreading system, resulting in more mileage, less fuel consumption and maximum adherence in any road conditions.

The Ringtread System combined with stereographic control guarantees more than five years of reliability for the retreaded Marix tyre. The company aims to extend the bead-to-bead cold retreading system to other tyre sizes and profiles. (TT)

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