By TT News| Oct 29, 2020

Maxxis India launches electric two-wheeler tyres

Maxxis India introduced an exclusive range of electric two-wheeler tyres, Maxxis M922F, that perfectly fits for 12-inch-tyre electric two-wheeler models.

The Maxxis M922F tyres are exclusively made for Indian electric two-wheelers, said the company.

Made of specialised compound technology, the M922F tyres are light in weight and reduce energy consumption by 5-10% which helps to enhance the operational range of an electric vehicle, said the company.

Like its other two-wheeler tyres, the company gives the industry-best 5+1 unconditional warranty.

Bing-Lin Wu, Marketing Head, Maxxis India,said, “This is our first step towards contributing to the Government of India’s Clean India Mission. We are extremely glad to have developed these unique tyres, especially crafted for the electric two-wheelers in the Indian market. The electric two-wheeler industry is on a growth trajectory and will witness exponential growth in the next few years. Maxxis is a world leader in producing tyres for the alternate fuel vehicle technology. With our specialised technical know-how, we feel that these tyres will be best suited for Indian topography.”

The tread has circumferential grooves as well as lateral ones that work together to give a great grip. The ride is smooth on both wet road and a well paved terrain. With a larger contact patch, the tyres last longer, as tread wear is minimized to a large extent.

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