By TT News| Dec 09, 2021

MG University To Launch 'International Rubber Network'

Mahatma Gandhi University of Kottayam, Kerala (India) will launch an 'International Rubber Network' on 9 December 2021.

The members of the rubber sector held preliminary discussions with the International Rubber Network (IRN), intending to upgrade the country's rubber-based units with latest technologies that may enable them to compete with domestic and export markets.

The major objective of the international network is to bring all the entities working with rubber under one umbrella; to share know-how and expertise for empowering rubber-based research and development, and to organise national and internal workshops, training programmes, trade shows, conferences etc.

The objective of the international network is also to promote a large number of start-ups in the area of rubber science and technology; to create soft versions of product manufacturing processes, to institute awards to unique personalities and inventors in this field, and to empower women through rubber cluster programmes. (TT)

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