By TT News| Sep 17, 2021

Michelin Extends Its MotoGP Contract Until 2026

Michelin and Dorna Sports have agreed to a three-year contract extension to see Michelin continue as the official tyre supplier for MotoGP until the end of the 2026 season.

Michelin first became the sole tyre supplier of the premier racing event for the 2016 season and ever since the brand has continued to innovate and create the most advanced tyre for the sport. As part of the agreement, all MotoGP Grand Prix will feature the Michelin branding trackside. Michelin will also title sponsor a race each season.

Talking about the extension, Florent Menegaux, Michelin Group CEO, said, "We are very satisfied with the results obtained since Michelin's return to MotoGP, and today we have extended our partnership with Dorna Sports in a natural way. We are particularly proud of the technological progress made with our tyres, as well as the many circuit records established together with our partners. This championship offers its fans a very exciting spectacle, accessible through digital platforms without equal in motorsport. For us, being a partner of MotoGP means engaging with both spectators and all players in the discipline using our tyres, our brand and our innovations. We see indeed motorsports like a lab that encourages transfers of expertise and swift application of our sustainable solutions that benefit everyone."

Adding to it, Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, commented, "We're very proud to continue our partnership with Michelin until at least 2026. Michelin has been a vital partner for MotoGP since it became the tyre supplier to the premier class in 2016, helping us to create one of the greatest eras of competition in motorcycle Grand Prix racing history. I'm delighted that we will reach a decade of collaboration and I hope we can continue building on this incredible foundation together. This agreement is fantastic news for all of us in the Championship.” (TT)

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