By Sharad Matade| Mar 10, 2021

Michelin Launches e.PRIMACY Commercially

Michelin has made the e.PRIMACY tyre, its first eco-designed tyre, commercially available from March 1. 

The new Michelin e.PRIMACY tyre can be fitted on car, sedans, and compact SUVs running on different propulsion systems, including internal combustion, hybrid or electric.

The Michelin e.PRIMACY tyres are available in 56 versions, from 15 to 20 inches.

The French tyre company claims that the new tyre is particularly well suited for transitioning to electric or hybrid mobility in Europe. Leading auto companies have already selected PRIMACY tyres as the OE fitment, including the Citroën C4, the Citroën C5 Aircross, the DS4 Crossback and the Toyota Aygo. The Michelin e.PRIMACY tyre is rated A for energy efficiency and B for wet grip. Given that fewer than one percent of tyres deliver a winning combination of A-rated rolling resistance and A or B-rated grip, this makes it one of the best tyres on the market.

Michelin claims the Michelin e.PRIMACY tyre is the lowest rolling resistance tyre in the premium summer tyre category, resulting in fuel savings, reduced CO2 emissions and increased range for electric vehicles. On the rolling resistance side, for internal combustion vehicles, the Michelin e.PRIMACY tyre, as per Michelin, helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 0.21 litres per 100 kilometres, representing a saving of €80 over the tyre’s road life, while for electric vehicles, it can increase range by up to 7 percent. 

Tread life is extended thanks to MaxTouch Construction technology, which maximizes contact with the road to distribute pressure more evenly during braking and acceleration. Safety performance also remains optimal throughout the life of the tyre. Even after 30,000 kilometres, MICHELIN e.PRIMACY still passes the European, wet braking certification test.

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