By TT News| Sep 14, 2021

Michellin Inaugurates Redesigned Place Des Carmes And Head Office Reception Building

Michellin Group has inaugurated its redesigned Place des Carmes and a newly renovated head office reception building in Clermont-Ferrand.

The renovated buildings were inaugurated by Florent Menegaux, CEO of the Michelin Group, along with other officials of the company. The new reception building is environmentally friendly in design and uses regional, organically sourced or re-used materials. The construction was done by a group of companies consisting of architects and landscapers (Construire, Encore and BASE). The project management was handled by Léon Grosse. 

The new EUR 20 million building is now open to the public and boasts a 160 metre frontage. The building has meeting rooms and modular spaces which can be used as temporary exhibition venues or as a space for the employee's children. It also features 'Equator' Café, a shared and friendly space open to the public. 

The re-designed Place de Carmes is a 2.5-hectare shared space aimed at providing a comfortable and calm space to factory staff, inhabitants and visitors. Pedestrians and eco-friendly means of transportation were prioritised while designing the space. The renovation and public improvement works cost EUR 11.8 million. The company has claimed that a second phase of works has been scheduled in order to fully transform the district. 

Florent Menegaux said, "Michelin has been constantly reinventing itself for 130 years, in order to adapt. Today, the Group is proud to be opening its new reception building, which once again illustrates the company’s strong roots in the region. This building bears witness to the recent changes at Michelin: a Group that is ever more open to its environment and focused on the town and its inhabitants. This historic production site needed a new emblem, one that projects Michelin into the future. The gamble paid off!" (TT)

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