By MT Bureau| Jul 29, 2021

Microchip Technology Introduces 1700V Silicon Carbide Technology As Replacement For Silicon IGBTs

Microchip Technology has expanded its silicon carbide range with the addition of the 1700V silicon carbide MOSFET die, discrete and power modules.

The new silicon carbide product family allows engineers to move beyond IGBTs, instead using two-level topologies with reduced part count, greater efficiency and simpler control schemes. This way, power conversion units can be significantly reduced in size and weight, freeing up space for more charging stations, additional room for paying passengers and cargo, or extending the range and operating time of heavy vehicles, electric buses and other battery-powered commercial vehicles – all at reduced overall system cost.

“System developers in the transportation segment are continuously asked to fit more people and goods into vehicles that cannot be made larger,” said Leon Gross, vice president of Microchip’s discrete product business unit. “One of the best ways to help achieve this is through the enormous reductions in size and weight of power conversion equipment that utilises high-voltage silicon carbide power devices. These same advantages for transportation bring similar benefits to many other industry applications.”  (MT)


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