Jun 17, 2020

New Opportunities, Less Impossibilities

Covid-19 has been pounding countries on varied scales. Its impact on the economy of a country depends on the way it handles the pandemic and overcomes it. While the European nations seem to be recovering, India still struggles to meet its twin objectives of controlling the spread of the virus and of kickstarting the stalled economic activities. 

Every element of the ecosystem responsible for the economy has been insisting on measures to crank the key. In several states the local administration allows organisations to resume operations. However, many manufacturing units have opened for the sake of it as there is no supply of raw materials or components for further processing. Though the situation is similar in the automotive industry, many of the OEMs have commenced manufacturing and registered good sales in May. For Instance, in Kerala the sales numbers of some of the vehicle makers in May this year have exceeded even the same month’s sales last year. Some others have exported vehicles in good numbers. However, most of the OEMs are apprehensive about maintaining production schedules in the next few months owing to the supply chain constraints. Meanwhile many OEMs, along with their dealers have opened Digital Retailing empowering customers in their online journey to book vehicles and pay digitally. The Touchless experience is a new opportunity with less impossibilities as the people will have to live with Covid-19 for some more time, keeping the rules of social distancing and maintaining high levels of personal hygiene. For the aftermarket also the contactless and touchless business concept can ring in several opportunities with less impossibilities, helping value-added service models to gain further momentum. Yet another opportunity will be for leasing and rental solutions as e-commerce is picking up.

The current situation seems to be favourable to the automotive industry as many people will want to avoid dependence on public transport. Those who do not possess a car or at least a two-wheeler may choose to buy either, if not both, for their personal and family commuting. Therefore, the industry can be sure of growth in the entry level two-wheelers and cars.

 The Cover Story of this edition is on a crucial aspect of the vehicle manufacturing – Automotive Testing. In addition we have reports on several topics including Technology, Strategy, Materials and Safety. 

Stay Safe and Happy Reading.

T Murrali



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