By TT News| Jun 11, 2021

Nokian Tyres Logistics Centre Finland Installs Solar Power Plant On Rooftop

Nokian Tyres’ logistics centre in Nokia, Finland announced the installation of a 1,100 kilowatts (kW) energy producing solar power plant on its roof.

The power plant consists of 3,160 solar panels. The power generated will be used to power the plant operations including lighting and ventilation. The area of the power plant is 17,000 metre square, which is roughly the size of two football stadiums.

The plant produces 990,000 kWh of electricity, which can power an equivalent of 50 electrically heated homes (20,000 kWh/a), 400 one-bedroom apartments (2500 kWh/a) or about five million kilometres in an electric vehicle (0.2 kWh/km).

The power plant is the biggest of its kind in the Pirkanmaa province. The company has already set up solar power plants at its US factory and its new testing facility in Spain and was the first company in the tyre industry to receive official approval for its global warming mitigation targets from Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative. It has also been included in the Europe's Climate Leaders 2021 list compiled by the Financial Times Magazine.

Teppo Huovila, Vice President – Quality and Sustainability, Nokian Tyres, said, “Nokian Tyres has long had the goal of increasing the use of eco-friendly energy. Last year, all the electricity purchased for our Nokia factory already came from renewable sources. The development of solar panel technology has made solar panels more cost-efficient”.

He added, "There is a major push toward wind and solar power in Finland right now, so it is natural for Nokian Tyres to be involved. Solar power generates zero emissions and is also quiet, which makes it friendly to the nearby environment as well.” (TT)

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