By MT Bureau| Jun 11, 2021

OLX Witnesses Surge In Bicycle Sales During The Pandemic

OLX, one of India's leading pre-owned goods sale and purchase platforms, witnessed a bicycle sale boom during the Covid-19. The company said on World Bicycle Day, that cycling has emerged as the new favourite hobby during the pandemic.

The company said the demand for pre-owned bicycles grew by 100 percent with the number of lister and interested user’s interactions growing by 126 percent compared to the pre-pandemic levels. It says the new trend can be owing to the temporary closure of fitness centres and social distancing protocols.

The majority of interested customers were reported from Delhi-NCR with a 100 percent increase in demand while Mumbai was a close second with an 83 percent increase. The listings for pre-owned bicycles went up by 49 percent which indicates a much higher demand than supply. The Hero and Hercules bicycles emerged as the most popular brand on the site.

Sunny Kataria, Head Commercial Excellence, OLX India, said,  “The bicycle signifies a more sustainable means of transport that is not only good for people but the environment and the economy too. World Bicycle Day recognises the synergy between the bicycle and the user to foster creativity and social engagement. OLX, by its transaction volume, does provide a window into this trend. With the accelerated push of cycling, following the pandemic-induced lockdown, pre-owned cycles have moved from good-to-have to must-have for our users.” (MT)

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