By TT News| May 04, 2021

P P Perera Earns Master's Degree in Buddhist Studies

A truly spiritual person at heart and a keen interest in Buddhism and ancient Indian philosophy would be some ways to describe P P Perera (P P), who works as the Sri Lankan representative for Pin 365. He believes in interlinking his learnings from spirituality and using it to live a blissful life. He recently obtained his Master’s Degree in Buddhist Studies from the Nagananda International Institute for Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka.

P P believes in continual learning and plans to utilise the knowledge in promoting productivity through spirituality in business organisations by conducting a series of webinars.

Pin 365 gets talking to P P Perera to gain insights into his spiritual journey.

Why did you want to do a Master’s degree in the subject?

P P: Apart from my primary and secondary education, most of my professional knowledge that I have acquired was from self-studies and non-academic learnings. At this later stage of my life, I felt a need to do something new. I am a Buddhist by birth, and thereby my interest in studying Buddhism was not new. I was somewhat influenced by ancient Indian philosophy and Hindu mythology. Buddhism emerged in India in the 6th century BC. I was curious to learn more about it and have been doing so since the late ’80s. However, it was during the last two years that I found time to devote to studying Buddhism deeply. It wasn’t the popular Buddhism that is taught or preached to the masses in temples, but the philosophy and psychological aspects of it. The same applies to Hinduism, whose philosophy is great but was later distorted and misinterpreted for various reasons

How has the journey of completing the Master ‘s degree been and how did the course elevate you spiritually or in the materialistic life?

P P: It was tough, yet challenging and interesting. Reading the canonical texts and modern literature by learned people in the field and those of the West was exhilarating. We would find the relationships, interconnectedness of living beings as well as the ethical, social, and economical aspects. Most people interpret spirituality as something that must be practised away from their day-to-day life by going to retreats. On the contrary, Buddhist teachings show a practical way for those who want to live a good worldly life as well as an alternate path that aims at higher liberation.

From where did you do the Master’s degree?

P P: I did my Master’s Degree in Buddhist Studies from Nagananda International Institute of Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka, which is a private university, with foreign students as well as local students from far.

Will you seek more knowledge or wisdom in the same subject?

P P: I believe in learning from cradle to grave and shall seek to gain further knowledge. More importantly, making use of the knowledge for educating others should be the goal at this stage of life. Afterall, I have been conducting lectures on Rubber Technology  since 1979 and Management  since 2000. (TT)


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