By MT Bureau| Apr 29, 2021

Parkers Research Reveals Strong Distaste For Data-Logging In Cars

Parkers, a British car website, has revealed through a research study that 75 percent of drivers do not want data-logging systems in their cars.

This new research follows an investigation into car companies’ use of behaviour data which revealed that customer data such as driving style and destination is shared with third-party data companies.

According to the research, just 10 percent of people who participated in the poll knew their car had a data agreement. Among them, only 19 percent have read it. In addition, 86 percent of people would not be happy for their car to share their driving habit data with third-party companies.

Common data collection from cars includes:

  • Location information
  • Driver behaviour data
  • Personal information
  • Marketing information

Keith Adams, Editor, Parkers, said, “It’s true that we’re agreeing to all manner of terms and conditions daily – I shudder to think what Google knows about me – but it comes as a surprise to see so few drivers are aware of what their cars know about them. It suggests that carmakers need to make their data gathering more transparent, their agreements easier to read for the 75 percent of drivers who currently don’t want it.”

Adams added, “It’s a worry that only 19 percent of owners who know about their car’s data agreement have read them – we think it’s time that carmakers made these messages simpler and more prominent, and made opting out of this data capture process a simple click or press of a button.” (MT)

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