By MT Bureau| May 28, 2021

Peugeot Starts e-Expert Hydrogen Production

Peugeot has started producing the electric model of its light commercial vehicle (LCV) e-Expert that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The new e-Expert Hydrogen's production is in line with the company's "power of choice" promise and exemplifies its ambition to electrify its complete range by 2025.

Built on the EMP2 (electric modular platform), the e-Expert Hydrogen is powered by the "mid-power plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric” system. The front-wheel-drive e-Expert Hydrogen carries its fuel cell in the engine compartment and provides power to the electric motor mounted on the front axle by combining Hydrogen with air. The LCV has a maximum capacity of 100 kW with a max torque of 260 Nm and a range of just over 395 km.

Primarily at slow speeds, The e-Expert Hydrogen uses the high-voltage battery during start-up and low speeds while the fuel cell kicks in when driving at steady speeds. During hard acceleration and overtaking, both the powertrains combine to send energy to the motor. The e-Expert Hydrogen is available in standard and long lengths with a maximum payload capacity of 1,100 kg.

The LCV is available in only one trim level with a host of features like an electric parking brake with hill start assist, manual air conditioning, Visiopark 1 – 180 degree reversing camera, 7-inch touchscreen central display with PEUGEOT Connect, TomTom 3D navigation, Bluetooth and Mirror Screen compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

Talking about the e-Expert Hydrogen, Julie David, Managing Director, Peugeot UK, said, "Hydrogen vehicles offer another zero-emissions solution for the industry. The e-Expert Hydrogen is PEUGEOT's first fuel cell vehicle and confirms our commitment to offering our buyers the right powertrain to suit their needs." (MT)

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