Kaushal Rajapaksa, President of PRISL, Dimamntha Jayawardena, President (SLACMA), Kalyana Dhirasekara ( VP PRISL) P.P.Perera, Secretary PRISL and PIN 365 Rep in Sri Lanka, Rajeev Chandrakum
By Sharad Matade| Apr 01, 2021

PRISL, SLACMA Collaborate For Rubber & Plastic Auto Components

The Plastics and Rubber Institute of Sri Lanka (PRISL) and The Sri Lanka Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (SLACMA) signed an MOU, covering technical collaboration, focused on developing the knowledge and skills of the personnel engaged in the manufacturing of rubber and plastics based automotive components.

This is to augment the current policy of the Government of Sri Lanka in enhancing the value addition in the automotive products manufacturing sector, especially the SMEs.

The Plastics & Rubber Institute of Sri Lanka (PRISL) is the national professional body established for members who are in those businesses to plastic and rubber. It acts as the focal point and centre for networking for members and assists in promoting the interests of its members through regular technical meetings, seminars and conferences and visit to manufacturing plants and industrial sites.

Sri Lanka Component Manufacturing Association (SLACMA) is the representative body of Automotive Component Manufacturers in Sri Lanka. The association plays a major role in policymaking when it comes to the sub-sector of automotive component manufacturing in Sri Lanka. SLACMA prepares budgets and policies every year in favour of component manufacturers in Sri Lanka while supporting to uplift the economy of Sri Lanka Through Component Manufacturing. (MT)

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