By MT Bureau| Oct 16, 2020

Renault Unveils Megane eVision Concept Electric Car

Renault has showcased the new Megane eVision concept electric car. It foreshadows the latest in the line of electric vehicles from Groupe Renault and is based on the entirely new modular CMF-EV (Common Module Family - Electric Vehicle) platform. 

According to the designers from the Alliance (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi), this hatchback car features one of the thinnest batteries on the market and a new ultra-compact powertrain offering more roominess. This marks a new era in Renault for electric vehicles that would feature connected services, improved electric ecosystem for more efficient energy transition. This also marks an important step towards the development of smart charging to support the stability of the electrical grid and help users reduce their costs. 

Renault Megane eVision

Experts at Renault have revealed that the car’s connectivity allows charging to be triggered at the right time to avoid overloading the grid and promote the use of renewable energy. V2G (vehicle-to-grid) is another technology currently in development that allows any parked car that is charging to transfer part of the electricity from its battery to the grid. Megane eVision comes with a 60 kWh battery and a DC charger support for upto 130 kW. The engine itself is one of the most powerful in the Renault range across all energy sources with 160 kW (217 hp) of power and 300 Nm of torque. Renault claims that it accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in less than eight seconds.

Renault Megane eVision concept electric car

Renault’s future all-electric vehicles will be built on the new modular CMF-EV platform designed by the French and Japanese engineers at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. According to the latest updates, the platform will have a smaller engine compartment in comparison to the internal-combustion or mixed electric/internal-combustion engine vehicles. The platform will support low saloons and larger SUVs. The platform is also modular in terms of length, to adjust the battery even more to the type of car and driving range required. With extended wheelbase, sophisticated frame and low center of gravity due to the floor-mounted battery, the vehicle will have enhanced responsiveness, performance and aesthetic value. 

Renault Megane eVision concept electric car

Similar to what was observed in the ‘MORPHOZ’ concept, the Megane eVision features large aerodynamic wheels in the shape of propeller blades. The wheels and part of the 245/40 ZR 20 tyres are covered by 21-inch trims finished with aerodynamic flaps, while shaded decorative lines recalls those of the lower grills. 

The graphic finish of the ‘E’ at the end of ‘Mégane’ in the first part of the car’s name is different from the other letters. This symbolic feature of electric engines and the ‘E-TECH’ label boasts the same bold gold colour as the roof and black parallel lines like those found on the 1972 Renault logo designed by Victor Vasarely.

Part of Renault’s Livingtech technological ecosystem, the ‘Livinglights’ lighting technology in the car highlights the car’s identity and accentuates the interior features as well. The vehicle could be remotely customised through FOTA (Firmware Over-the-Air) technology. This update also includes the ‘Livingscreen’ display and infotainment system in the concept car.

Renault Megane eVision concept electric car

Megane eVision and the CMF-EV platform combined carries 300 patent-pending innovations that range from the engine, charging system, battery, thermal management, architecture and acoustics. One such innovation revealed by Groupe Renault is the ERS (Energy Recovery System) that captures the heat of the engine and the battery to heat the passenger compartment without using the battery, ensuring that the car’s driving range is not impacted by the cold.


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