By MT Bureau| Apr 17, 2021

Rolls Royce Phantom Tempus Collection Debuts in China

Rolls Royce Motor Cars has debuted its bespoke masterpiece, the Phantom Tempus Collection, in Shanghai. Rolls Royce will only make 20 examples of the bespoke masterpiece inspired by time and the infinite reaches of the universe worldwide.

A vital component of the Phantom Tempus Collection is the pulsar, a rare astronomical phenomenon unknown until 1967 and found only in the deepest reaches of space. The Collection also features a bespoke starlight headliner depicting the remarkable force of nature.

Other bespoke commissions on the car include the ‘Frozen Flow of Time’ gallery milled out of a single billet of aluminium to form 100 individually contoured columns, representing the 100-million-year period rotational spin of a pulsar star along with a quotation from Albert Einstein engraved in the glove compartment.

Rolls Royce is offering the Phantom Tempus Collection in a new bespoke paint finish, Kairos Blue. Jewels like blue mica flakes are added to the paint to create the glitter and glint that represent the star. Customers can also choose to get their Spirit of Ecstasy engraved with a unique date and location of significance.

Talking about the Collection, Torsten Muller-OtvOs, CEO, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said, “Phantom Tempus is a motor car for those who shape the world as they seek their place in the universe. They understand that whatever our individual gifts, talents and opportunities, we are all gifted time – and it is up to us to make the most of every precious moment. With Phantom Tempus, we have created a space in which the strictures of time no longer apply – as illustrated by the deliberate absence of a clock. Rolls-Royce clients are not bound by time; the outside world with all its pressures and demands are forgotten.” (MT)

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