By TT News| Jan 12, 2022

Rubber Board Inaugurates Advanced Analysis Laboratory At The Rubber Research Institute of India

The Rubber Board inaugurated the Advanced Analysis Laboratory for Rubber Products at the Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII), which will enable the testing of hazardous chemicals in line with the stringent norms of the European Union and other developed countries.

Dr K N Raghavan, Executive Director, Rubber Board, inaugurated the new laboratory. It will enable third-party testing of rubber products for REACH compliance, a regulation of the European Union adopted to improve human health and the environment from the risks that chemicals can pose.

Raghavan said, “The objective of Rubber Board is to develop the entire rubber value chain to international standards. This includes sustainable cultivation of natural rubber and promoting India as rubber products manufacturing hub for the world. Over 40,000 products are manufactured from natural rubber worldwide, but only 10,000 products are now made in India. Though Rubber Board is focused mainly on increasing the production and productivity of natural rubber, it addresses the concerns of the manufacturing industry, particularly the non-tyre sector, which presently accounts for less than 30 percent of NR consumption. Still, it has an equal percentage of the amount earned from exporting rubber-based goods from the country. The exports of rubber goods amount to Rs 25,000 crore/year. We are aiming at a fourfold increase in the export of rubber goods in the next 25 years. The Board must help the exporters, especially in the MSME sector, in every possible manner.” (TT)

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