By TT News| Oct 06, 2021

Rubber Heart Launches Recruitment Service For The Global Rubber Industry

Rubber Heart Limited, a UK-based PR consultancy, has partnered with PREA Limited to launch a specialised recruitment service for the global rubber industry.

 The two companies have combined their experience to provide a new standard in rubber industry recruitment by offering a trusted, confidential and personal service for candidates and employers.

 David Cawthra, Director, Rubber Heart, explained, “Rubber Heart is delighted to be able to offer this new dedicated recruitment service for our industry. We look forward to helping the many talented and ambitious scientists, technologists, engineers and sales professionals in our network who are looking to move on to the next stage of their careers. It is all about taking a personal approach as we know that behind every resume is a person and behind each job spec is a business with specific needs. We know that the rubber industry can be a place that offers a very rewarding career and we want to be able to find candidates a role in which they can thrive and reach their true potential.”

 Pravin S Mistry, Global CEO, PREA, said, ‘’Our teams are focusing on a fully tailored, confidential recruitment service for both candidates and employers to help them reach their career and business goals. We have a great understanding and knowledge of the industry and through our combined networks we already have an extensive employment talent pool and advertising platforms that allow us to be able to provide clients with a fast turnaround service, interview quickly and supply the ultimate shortlist of candidates for their vacancies.” (TT)

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