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Apr 28, 2020

Rubber Heart set up to boost internal marketing function of global rubber industry

Rubber Heart Ltd, a dedicated marketing and communication company for the global rubber industry, has been established in the UK.

The start-up is founded by  David Cawthra and Gail Reader, who have more than 50 years of combined experience in the elastomer industry. 

Rubber Heart Ltd aims at providing services for the rubber industry sector offering assistance to clients with no or limited internal marketing function, or those with their own marketing staff that need additional resources for specific projects, campaigns or events.

Cawthra and Readers have  worked for the world-renowned Rubber Consultants/Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre R&D and testing facility just north of London in Hertford for more than 50 years combined. 

Noticing a gap in the market they decided the time was right to use their skills, contacts and expertise to start their new venture.

"David and I have been a great team for the last 20 years and our different but complementary skills and shared ambitions have led us to taking this decision to set up on our own,’ said Reader. ‘We both have loved being part of the elastomeric community and as well as providing bespoke marketing services, we have worked with industry experts across the globe so are in a great position to connect companies who may require any R&D and testing.’

‘We believe that our friendly approach, ready-made network of contacts and access to the industry worldwide puts Rubber Heart in an unrivalled position to offer clients fast and efficient services,’ added Cawthra. We have worked all over the world including Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East and like to think that as well as gaining an in-depth knowledge of the industry and its complexities, we have a good understanding of cross-cultural communication when doing international business and marketing.’

Both Gail (BSc Chemistry) and David (BA Marketing & Communications) are skilled marketing and PR specialists with years of experience in branding and design, technical writing and editing, copywriting, event organisation, and exhibition participation.

As well as becoming social media sponsor for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) Rubber in Engineering Group, Rubber Heart has also partnered with AMI - Marketing for Manufacturing: a specialist digital agency offering websites, SEO, video and photography services.

‘We have been building the foundations of our business since January and of course never planned to find ourselves in the current situation where so many upcoming key events for our industry have been cancelled or postponed,’ said Reader. ‘During this challenging time, we believe businesses will need to stay visible in the marketplace so are looking forward to offering clients enhanced digital marketing opportunities to engage with potential new customers and suppliers, launch new products and exchange research innovations and ideas.’


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