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RubberTech 2020 attracts global participation

The 20th edition of RubberTech China show, one of the largest exhibitions for rubber and tyre industry in Asia, was held successfully amid the ongoing pandemic globally. Held on September 16-18, 2020, at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, the show was organised by China United Rubber Corporation.

RubberTech China, internationally known exhibition, has been attracting leading industry players for over two decades. The annual event hosts exhibitors from rubber machinery, rubber chemicals, rubber raw materials and rubber products across the global and provides a platform to them to display products and innovations. It is also one the main venues where latest trends, information and ideas are shared among industry professionals and experts.

As a member show of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Week, RubberTech China 2020 was held in association with the 19th China International Chemical Industry Fair and 23rd China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition. These three shows connect all the rubber related industry chains and form a complete platform for communications, trading, image showcasing and networking.

This year hosted more than 500 exhibitors who covered around 40,000 sqm, while around 20,000 industry professionals visited the expo.  Around 40% of previous edition exhibitors canceled their participation in this year’s show. The organizer said this year’s expo, compared with its previous editions, witnessed decreasing footfalls from across the globe due to the influence of Covid-19. However, exhibitors had much more local visitors than expected and spoke highly of this year’s show keeping in mind of the bad influence caused by the Covid-19, added the expo organizer. International companies’ booths were managed by their local representatives.

The exhibitors brought their latest products and technology of rubber, including NR, SR, rubber compound, rubber products, rubber chemicals, framework materials, rubber machinery, elastomers, carbon black, reclaimed rubber, auto parts and garage facility. Apart from these categories, Inorganic Chemicals were added into this year’s exhibits. Leading enterprises, such as Qingdao Redstar Chemical Group, Hubei Xingfa Chemicals, KNS Nanomaterials and Do-Fluoride Chemicals.

Struktol China (SSChina) participated for three days with a bit more economical design than that of previous years. Unlike the usual years, S+S couldn’t send experts to this fair, but Gino Liao and DH Lee, who took a 14-day quarantine attended, and ran the booth together with their sales staff promoting Struktol products. During the three day of exhibition, local employees working for such as Hutchinson, ContiTech, Continental, Hankook, Pirelli, Michelin, PTE, Kenda, Trelleborg, Hexpol, Kraiburg, GITI, Linglong Tire, Aeolus Tire, Sailun Tire and Doublestar Kumho visited SSChina booth to share information on market trends and production information.

Themed “Future Mobility,” ARLANXEO showcases its industry-leading synthetic rubber products and solutions in mobility, daily necessities, sports, and various application areas, and shares insights on the future development of the rubber industry in a fast-changing environment.

As the automotive industry is orienting its development towards a safer, more user-friendly, and more sustainable future, the exploration of lightweight and durable applications continues to be a major focus in the process of industrial upgrading. Meanwhile, the acceleration of the “New Infrastructure Plan” is also bringing about higher technical requirements for component parts in transportation and other key industries. In tune with the evolving industry trends, ARLANXEO continues to bring premium and innovative products to market.

During the trade fair, ARLANXEO demonstrated its high- performance grades from Keltan, Therban, Krynac, and other leading products.


RubberTech Forum 2020

RubberTech Forum, held in association with RubberTech China, is dedicated to showcasing the latest technological breakthroughs and achievements in the industry and indicating the trend of the industry market.

 Supply & Demand Webinar 2020 

The Supply & Demand Webinar aims to provide a platform for exhibitors and overseas purchasers to bridge products demand and supply and promote technology transfer since overseas exhibitors are not able to come onsite this year. Exhibitors in fabric cord, rubber machinery and rubber chemicals attended this webinar and about 1500 overseas purchasers watched this webinar.

  The 21st edition of RubberTech China will be organised on September 15-17, 2021.

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