By MT Bureau| Nov 12, 2021

Saietta Acquires E-Traction To Expand Its Commercial And Technical Capabilities

Saietta Group has acquired e-Traction Europe B.V. from Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group to complement Saietta’s work on high-voltage AFT 190 electric motors.

This acquisition accelerates Saietta’s growth strategy by advancing the development and deployment of Axial Flux Technology (AFT) into heavy vehicle markets. In addition, e-Traction’s e-axel technology perfectly complements Saietta’s work on high-voltage AFT 190 electric motors and extends its application from scooters to buses. This acquisition also helps Saietta realise its founding goal of bringing affordable electric propulsion to places gripped by chronic air pollution.

Wicher Kist, CEO, Saietta, said, “This acquisition will allow Saietta to accelerate its business plan by several years, adding not just commercial and technical capability but also extending our I.P. portfolio and acquiring an operational power electronics production facility. I’d personally like to thank e-Traction Managing Director Steven Hsieh for his work on this opportunity. Steven will continue to play an important role developing routes into the Chinese market for our combined high voltage tech offering, as well as supporting the Saietta board with our ongoing expansion in other key Asian markets.”

Adding to it, Edgar Ooijman, CCO, e-Traction, commented, “By being part of the Saietta Group, e-Traction has found the strategic partner we were looking for. We’re both fully dedicated to electric motors and drivetrains in the mobility sector and have complementary skills. I’m excited to connect our high level of experience in e-axle and high voltage components to the strategy of Saietta. It’s a good fit and will boost our combined presence in multiple market segments.” (MT)

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