By MT Bureau| Oct 14, 2021

Schaeffler To Lead H2Giga’s Hydrogen Production Sub-Project

Schaeffler has announced that it will lead the consortium sub-project ‘Stack Scale up – Industrializing PEM Electrolysis’ of the H2Giga hydrogen flagship project.

The H2Giga hydrogen project has over 130 companies and research institutions involved and has received around EUR 500 million of funding from Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The sub-project, comprising nine partners from industry and research, aims to fast-track the development of stack technologies and large-series production processes for low-temperature electrolysis core components.

Schaeffler will lead the project through its expertise in industrialisation and apply its core competencies in materials engineering, materials forming, surface technology and electrochemistry in the development of new products and solutions for hydrogen technology.

Dr Stefan Spindler, CEO of Industrial at Schaeffler and a member of Germany’s National Hydrogen Council, said, “One of the key milestones along the road to achieving a clean energy chain based on green hydrogen is the ability to produce hydrogen on an industrial scale. Thanks to its technological capabilities, Schaeffler is well-positioned to act as a strategic partner  at many stages in this process, for example, by providing products for electrolysis  stacks.” (MT)

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