By TT News| Apr 08, 2021

Science Robotics’ Cover Story Features the New ‘Transforming Tire’ By Hankook

Science Robotics magazine featured Hankook Tire’s latest product- Transforming Tire- on its cover page. Hankook Tire developed this new tyre in collaboration with a research team from Seoul National University. This was led by Professor Kyu-Jin Cho from the department of ‘Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.’ Kyu-Jin is also a director of the ‘Human-centric Soft Robotics Research Centre.’

The tyre has been developed under ‘The Next Driving Lab’ project with the use of specially developed materials and paper folding craft. The ‘Transforming Tire’ is capable of changing its structure according to various road conditions and can bear loads of up to 1 tonne. The Transforming Tire is designed to transform into a smaller tire on smoother roads to ensure stability and nimbleness while transforming into a larger tire with tread blocks on rough patches of roads to tackle tougher road conditions.

The ‘Transforming Tire’ can also change its size range from 450mm- 800mm which allows it to be used with applications such as delivery robots and space exploration vehicles.

Bonhee Ku, Senior Vice President and CTO of Hankook Tire & Technology, said, “We believe this project represents a synergy between academia with new ideas and a company with industry-leading technology capabilities. The Transforming Tire which has started from a question ‘why should a tyre be in one form?’ challenged the stereotype and showed the company’s commitment to innovation. We expect the developed technology can be highly utilized not only in the tire industry but also in the mobility service industry as a whole. Hankook Tire will continue to challenge the limits of tires and display our innovative brand values." (TT)

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