By MT Bureau| Apr 01, 2021

Shell Lubricants Launches Campaign For Mechanics

Shell Lubricants unveiled a campaign, called Ab Duniya Dekhgi, to strengthen its position as a trusted partner of mechanics.

The company said the campaign celebrates the unyielding spirit, dedication and hard work ethic of mechanics, which has helped them hone their skills and make a name for themselves. 

Through this campaign, Shell aims to empower and celebrate mechanics, who have proved to be trusted advisors for bikers, playing a key role in oil change and maintenance decisions. Honing their skills over the years, many mechanics have transitioned from apprentice to auto experts and workshop owners, and Shell has been a part of their ambitious journey, helping them reach great heights. This has been made possible through Shell's Ustaad Programme, which supports mechanics' business needs, including product and technology efficacies, training and support tools. The programme also offers them cash coupons on the sale of Shell Advance products, loyalty reward points on every oil change, access to training programmes, and branded merchandise. Mechanics can download the ShareApp - Shell Advantage Rewards App, to avail the programme's benefits.  

Endorsed by Rannvijay Singha, the campaign has launched two new inspiring brand films that bring alive Shell's commitment to mechanics in their ambitious journey towards success. 

"Being a biking enthusiast, I have known mechanics at very close quarters and always admired their experience and knowledge. I've had many an experience where I had to navigate out of a tough spot and had to play the role of a mechanic. I have utmost respect for them and strongly believe that their contributions should not go unnoticed. I am, therefore, delighted to be associated with the Shell Advance 'Duniya Dekhegi' campaign that allows us to show our gratitude to mechanics and recognise their success," said Rannvijay Singha.

Raman Ojha, Country Head, Shell Lubricants, India, said, "The 'Ab Duniya Dekhegi' campaign is not about brand Shell; rather, it is the celebration of the spirit of thousands of our 'Ustaads' who relentlessly work with us every day. Not only are they immensely talented, but their deep knowledge of the trade is also key to their expertise in knowing these complicated machines – bikes; often so well, that we proudly call them 'Bikes Ke Doctor'. We all have dreams, aspirations and often times in life, simply need that little support that enables us to move Higher & Onwards! In their journey where they are driven by pure passion for bikes and their dreams to grow bigger, here is our attempt at doing our small bit in supporting our 'Ustaads' and 'Bike Doctors' to move closer to achieving their dreams of setting up bigger and more equipped workshops, mobility vehicles, providing employment support, trainings, and much more. Our call to them always will be- "Karo apne sapne sakaar". (MT)

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