By TT News| Dec 16, 2021

Sibur Revises Organisational Structure Of Plastics And Rubber Business

Sibur, a Russian petrochemical company, has updated the organisational model of its plastics and rubber business.

The company has decided to divide its plastics, elastomers and organic synthesis divisions into two separate business units. It believes that the new organisational model will offer more potential for development. Both the units will be supervised by Sergey Komyshan, Executive Director and Management Board member of Sibur.

Member of the Management Board and Managing Director Alexander Petrov will head the company's Plastics and Organic Synthesis Division. The unit will have a total capacity of about three mtpa (million tonnes per annum) and will be further expanded to reduce the imports of medium-tonnage chemicals like MAN and DOTP. Additionally, the company plans to expand production of feedstock for high-margin products in the speciality chemical segment using this business.

Alexander Petrov, Head of the Plastics and Organic Synthesis Division, member of the Management Board and Managing Director, Sibur, said, “Our aim is to considerably scale up our business by relying on medium-tonnage chemicals projects focused on import substitution. An important part of that will be securing the right set of projects to make use of monomers from the new Nizhnekamskneftekhim cracker and benefit from the integration of processes of SIBUR’s traditional supply chain and its new asset perimeter. Another goal for us is to increase the presence of our products in the construction industry, partly by expanding our range of grades and partly by offering customers new solutions and replacing traditional construction materials with polymers.”

Timur Shigabutadinov will head the company's Synthetic Rubber Division. With a total capacity of about 1.2 mtpa, the unit was established as a result of a three-fold increase in the rubber business to focus on providing operational improvements in rubber production facilities.

Timur Shigabutdinov, Head of the Synthetic Rubbers Division, member of the Management Board and Managing Director, Sibur, said, “The combined company boasts an unrivalled portfolio of synthetic rubbers. Our priority is to respond to customer needs by further growing the business using the expertise under our belt, cutting-edge R&D assets and access to the latest technologies. Once all the investment projects are completed, these initiatives will make SIBUR one of the world's Top 5 synthetic rubber producers.” (TT)

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