Ansys' Formula 1 car geometry
Jun 16, 2020

Simulation Helps Users Get Multiple Benefits

Engineering simulation major Ansys has been working with several OEMs on design and development of their electric vehicles with focus on optimizing battery design and performance, battery management system (BMS), electric vehicle safety under the event of crash and use of alternate material strategy for light weighting. There are several Ansys technologies such as Ansys Fluent for battery thermal management, Mechanical for structural integrity, LS Dyna for EV crash, Ansys Twin Builder and SCADE suite for BMS, Ansys Granta for material intelligence to devise smart light weighting strategies etc. Ashok Khondge, Principal Engineer, Customer Excellence, Ansys Inc. tells T Murrali that companies that are using simulation software pervasively with a consolidated simulation platform are 24% more likely to meet their launch targets, 50% more like to decrease simulation TCO (total cost of ownership) and 37% more likely to decrease the overall length of product development time. Edited excerpts:

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