By MT Bureau| Dec 01, 2021

Skoda Auto DigiLab India Promotes IT Talents With i.Mobilothon Hackathon

Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited, through its Software Development Centre, has completed the i.Mobilothon Hackathon to promote IT talents in the country.

Co-hosted by Skoda Auto DigiLab India and Volkswagen IT Services India, the hackathon offered students, start-ups, employees a chance to shape the future of the automotive industry with innovative concepts relating to mobility and information technology. The hackathon also addressed critical issues like the future of individual mobility in India and creative ways to retain customers.

The competition received a total of 1,355 registrations, of which 131 teams completed the hackathon. The hackathon started on 1 July 2021 and the teams had 14 weeks to bring their concepts to life. In the SME category, Syook won the first prize for their innovative Real-Time Location System application. Stemly was judged as the runner-up for their AI-based aftersales solution.

Other notable ideas were an AR Based Car Configurator by team cDrive in the internal employee category and a customer service AI ChatBot by Stanislav Chuprin in the student category. The winning teams received cash prizes as well as non-cash prizes. The best programming talents received contract offers.

Jarmila Plachá, Managing Director, Skoda Auto DigiLab, expressed, “With the i.Mobilothon Hackathon, Skoda Auto DigiLab India and its partners are looking for young (local) IT talent. India is one of the world’s biggest drivers of innovation in digitalisation and a large proportion of the population are ‘digital’ natives. The Skoda Auto DigiLab India team aims to use this valuable talent pool to develop tailor-made digital mobility solutions for Skoda’s customers in the region. The i.Mobilothon Hackathon offers the ideal setting ­– It is with this mindset that young talents here are working on innovative new ideas.”

Pranav Kulkarni, CIO, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India, said, “Technology innovation is happening at an unmatched scale and pace in India and through this event we have witnessed excellent participation from the start-up community. This was our 2nd successful Hackathon event. We will continue to engage with bright minds in Technology to identify unique solutions for our business needs.” 

Bijoy Chatterjee, Head, Skoda Auto DigiLab India, averred, “These 14 weeks were part of a fascinating journey where we saw huge participation drawing high energy and enthusiasm in the six challenges given. We now look forward to the next steps associated with the winners.” (MT)

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