By Sharad Matade| Mar 04, 2021

SRI To Generate Electric Power From Tyre Rotation

Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) is working on a technology that will generate electric power from a tyre's rotation.

The Japanese tyre-making company has collaborated with Hiroshi Tani of Kansai University to develop technology that will generate electric power in rotating tyres with the help of a power generating device- an energy harvester- fitted inside the tyre.

Energy harvesting is a technology that captures, collects and harnesses ambient energy, which is a catchall term for light, vibration, heat and other forms of energy that are present in minute quantities all around us. Ambient energy usually goes to waste if not harvested.

SRI said these efforts have now succeeded in making it possible to supply power to a tyre peripheral sensor without batteries. This breakthrough was achieved thanks to the addition of a power charging function to the energy harvester and the optimization of the structures and materials involved in harvesting frictional charging, which greatly improves generated output, added the company.

"With this latest breakthrough, we have now developed an integrated system that uses the electricity generated by the energy harvester to charge a power control circuit, which in turn activates and supplies power to an external sensor. Our most recent verification testing has shown that, when a tire is running at 50km/h, the system produces over 800μW of power, which is enough to activate an external sensor and achieve continuous BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) transmission," said SRI.


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