By MT Bureau| Nov 26, 2021

Svitch CSR 762 Electric Superbike

Svitch Bike has introduced an electric superbike CSR 762 in India. It is priced in the range of INR 145,000 to INR 190,000.

Fitted with a 3-kW motor and a 3.6 kW swappable battery that provides a range of 120 km and a top speed of 110 kmph, the CSR 762 electric superbike is supported by a government subsidy of INR 40,000. Flaunting an interesting design, the electric superbike offers a 30-litre storage space. It is supported by 125 touchpoints across the country.

Setting up another 250 touchpoints across the country, Svitch, the company that will produce the CSR 762, has mentioned that its battery swapping infrastructure will work much like ATMs do. The company recently acquired a 153,900 square feet facility to produce EVs and is planning a Q1 2022 market rollout of CSR 762.

By the end of 2022, the company is aiming to gather a million users. (MT)

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