By TT News| Nov 01, 2021

TATNEFT Develops New AVT Tyre Line

TATNEFT has announced the development of a new line of ATV tyres called the KAMA Quadro ATM. The first model has been made in 25x8-12 standard size at its Nizhnekamskshina factory in Russia.

The ATV tyre, which is developed by Kama Scientific and Technical Center, has been specially designed for off-road driving, providing excellent cross-country ability in mud and snow. The tyre’s special rubber composition ensures high reliability and traction performance.

The first batch of tyres will go for pilot testing to TATNEFT subdivisions that operate off-road special vehicles.

The KAMA Quadro ATM range is currently being developed in nine tyre sizes covering 12 to 14 inches diameter, with nine more sizes coming up over the next year. The factory will begin production of 25x10 tyres for the rear axle in addition to the already manufactured  25x8 tyres intended for the front axle.

The KAMA Quadro ATM will meet the needs of the TATNEFT Group’s all-terrain vehicles used in oil fields and will also be used to equip Russian ATV manufacturers and the secondary market. (TT)

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