By TT News| Apr 06, 2021

Thai Bridgestone Unveils its 2021 Business Strategy

Thai Bridgestone introduced its 2021 business strategy, under which it will focus on its leadership and provide social and customer value in the country’s  tyre market.

 Keiji Chuma, Managing Director of Thai Bridgestone, stated, “Solution means solving problems that is why we listen to problems from our valued customers, in order to further develop our products and services by integrating the strengths of our tyre business with technology. In such times and countless challenges, we are in the era of uncertainty. The current Covid-19 situation has reminded us that unprecedented crisis can happen anytime. This can lead social system and business environment to be unstable and shifted significantly. However, we still see that this industry is profitable while delivering value through our advanced products and solutions. We will go together, go further with the society and our customers.

Bridgestone plans to offer Thailand’s tyre market the following:

Solutions for our passenger tyre customers:

B-iTech, a solution with tyre pressure monitoring system, connected via a Bluetooth system with B-iTech application which was developed to monitor tyre pressure for the optimal rate to give highest safety in real-time.

B-24hrs, a 24-hour Bridgestone Contact Centre with 365 days service, giving advice and recommendation for general questions and answering queries on products and services, basic information on automobiles in case of engine breakdown or urgent assistance for road emergencies by the technicians and specialists.

B-Care programme, for tyre protection from accidents, tyre punctures (under terms and conditions of the company) with a warranty programme that provides four new tyres.

Solutions for our commercial tyre customers:

Bridgestone Ecopia tyres, which delivers fuel savings efficiency of 6 percent.

Bridgestone Bandag tyre retread products, which involves bringing in old used tyres for retreading and providing customers with greater savings.

B-Track, a solution in tyre maintenance for a prolonged life cycle and utmost safety, featuring a tread pattern and groove check system, along with tyre pressure monitoring system connected to Bluetooth.

B-24hr, a 24-hour assistance programme that will help customers in emergency situations in case of tyre accidents.

B-Finance, a solution which collaborates with financial institutions offering affordable financial credit packages, both short and long-term loans to customers. 


 “Bridgestone believes strongly that a simple profit seeking business will never thrive, but a business that contributes to its society and country will be forever. We continue to pursue our Bridgestone’s mission, “Serving Society with Quality Superior Quality” by developing new safety standard benchmarks and delivering a better quality of life for society and for customers. All of the aforementioned represents Bridgestone’s determination to be a Dan-Totsu leader in every aspect of the business in Thailand’s tyre market”, said  Keiji Chuma.

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