Siemens Tyre Day at New Delhi, organised by Siemens Digital Industries, Factory Automation team
May 05, 2020

Tyre industry sees digitalisation benefits

Customers, OEMs and systems integrators in the tyre industry aver that digitalisation has tangible benefits for the industry.

The tyre market is expected to witness significant growth over the forthcoming years. At the same time, it has become more complex than ever. The increasing number of vehicles variants calls for a greater variety of tyres. In addition, automotive trends such as eMobility and autonomous driving increase the demand for innovative concepts in tyre design and tyre production. That’s why competitive tyre production needs to be highly flexible and able to react swiftly to meet volatile market developments. At the same time, it needs to meet today’s high requirements in terms of quality, safety, environmental standards and increasing internationalisation.

Tyre manufactures as well as machine builders require innovative concepts in tyre design and production, improved production processes featuring an increased degree of automation and more transparent production. Further key aspects are reduced downtime, detailed diagnostics and lower energy consumption. At the same time, many plants need to be refurbished to meet the latest requirements and new production facilities need to be built to meet increasing product demand.

In order to achieve mass production and mass variations, the machine-to-machine communication is essential. Through this, we can reallocate resources that can save a lot of time that can be utilised in a productive manner on other significant tasks.

Siemens Tyre Day at New Delhi, organised by Siemens Digital Industries, Factory Automation team

These perspectives were shared at the recently held Siemens Tyre Day at New Delhi, organised by Siemens Digital Industries, Factory Automation team. The theme was based on “ .” The event saw participation key customers form tyre and automotive industry.

Through the Totally Integrated Automation and Siemens PLM software, Indian tyre manufacturers have ready access to technology for data integration between the various points of the value chain. The innovative engineering framework of TIA Portal integrates HMI, controllers, distributed IO, motion control and drives seamlessly into one engineering environment. In addition, by implementing the SIMATIC range of solutions, machine builders for the tyre industry can increase productivity and cost-efficiency through the latest technology. SIMATIC PLCs support tyre manufacturers right from factory layouts and factory designs that are highly automated according to their requirements across the product and production life cycle. These include operating environments such as, logistics, mixing, semi-production, tyre building machines, curing, testing and final finishing.

One of India’s leading tyre manufacturers has two state-of-the-art manufacturing units and is planning to digitalise its production line in its upcoming third plant. The factory head of this tyre manufacturing company says, “We believe digitalisation will not only help us in automating our production line but also enable us to predict and plan more efficiently and help us to utilise our resources optimally. Digitalisation has great potential to offer us consistent solutions to optimise our plants’ availability, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve time to market.”

Peter Haan, Head of Global Business Development OEM Tyre, Digital Industries, Siemens AG, says,  “The typical value chain for manufacturing tyres starts from R&D, moving to production planning, production of tyres, quality assurance, warehousing and supply the tyre industry in India can gain massively by integrating automation right at the onset of the tyre production lifecycle. Using cutting-edge technology from Siemens, Indian tyre manufacturers can use a mix of new and retrofit solutions to cater to their demand and sustain their profitable business models.”

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