By TT News| Apr 30, 2021

Tyres In UK To Get New Labelling System To Enhance Customer Awareness

Tyres across the UK are set to get a new labelling system that would increase customer’s understanding of how well tyres perform with regards to fuel efficiency and grip in the wet.

This new system will further aid customers with their buying choices. The system, effective from May 1, 2021, will also have tyre information digitally available to customers.

According to a survey, just 1 percent of tyres in the market are ‘A’ rated for both efficiency and wet grip. This attributes to the lack of awareness of the significant differences between the highest and lowest-rated tyres displayed on the outgoing label among customers. Despite labels fixed on each tyre, customers rarely see them while being fitted onto their cars. Equally, retailers may not have had easy access on their computers to the labels to pass on this information to the customers.

New Tyre labelling system

The new digital solution addresses this issue.Tyre information drawn from a European database holding the label ratings of every tyre on sale will be made accessible online for customers and retailers.

There will be an interim period until all the tyres having the old label have been sold or replaced.

Stuart Jackson, Chairman, TyreSafe, said, “The key point of tyre labelling is to help those choosing a tyre to make an informed decision. There is concern that owners typically only consider cost and don’t appreciate there may be tyres that are more suitable and offer better value but perhaps at a higher price. It’s in the interest of vehicle owners to make themselves aware of the information contained on the new tyre label to cut costs in fuel, as well as improve their safety.” (TT)

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