By Sharad Matade| Mar 17, 2021

ViaMichelin Now Calculates Tyre Wear And Tear Costs

The ViaMichelin now allows users to measure the cost of wear and tear on their cars when calculating an itinerary or the distance between cities, addresses or tourist sites.

A user has to the vehicle’s model and year, date and price of the purchase, and annual mileage and select the option to calculate the cost of wear and tear to obtain the per-kilometre operating cost associated with using the vehicle.

The cost of wear and tear is calculated based on the number of kilometres travelled over a 12-month period, taking vehicle depreciation into account. It does not however, factor in vehicle maintenance costs.

This new service enhances the ViaMichelin solution, which already incorporates fuel costs, considering the road surface and vehicle type. Toll costs in Europe on highways and urban areas, whether for bridges, tunnels or toll passes. These costs update and adapt to the type of vehicle.

The cost breakdown page for a given journey summarises all costs associated with the selected itinerary. This new service is as much for those who wish to control their travel budget as carsharing or renting out their vehicle.

It is available in France and Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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