Apr 26, 2020


Why do so many of our political leaders seem to be vision impaired? Why is their sight set only on the next election rather than doing what they are elected to do as a representative of our societies and that is lead!

The rise of climate change as a topic has struck the world’s economies with large impact but if I may be bold this is only symptomatic of the dead end path that the apparent lack of vision by our leaders has taken us down.

The rise of the “electric economy” has been coming at us for some time being driven primarily by the rapid advance of electronics. One only has to consider the changes in phones, a tool that is now an extension of our personality, which many of us could now not live without.

The leadership of so many (and this is not exempting industry from the mix) is wanting I suggest. Whilst some voices project vision many others hide from the light of reality. The ability to plan for the future, to engage with the present to promote growth is a rare attribute. Many will expound they have the answers but very few have the vision.

Even down to the manner in which business is conducted is wasteful. A large company wanting to purchase an item provides pages of terms and conditions and then requires the supplier to engage in a credit account. Hold on, you are buying, you don’t set the terms and conditions nor do you set the price. What a waste of resources! The lack of vision of such companies in not determining that a successful business relationship is based upon sustainability is stunning.

If the supplier is not “there tomorrow” then the whole process must be repeated, at what cost? If the supplier folds at a critical point because they have been screwed to breaking point what is the outcome for the purchaser? An empty shelf at the supermarket, queues for petrol, no water from the tap are all outcomes of a lack of vision.

When a corporate entity engages with a client or supplier they should be viewing the potential for a mutually beneficial outcome where both parties make enough “profit” to be sustainable, both parties get what they want.

Everyone walks away happy and looking forward to the future. Tyre vision So, when we consider the tyres on our vehicles with what vision do we make our considerations on maintaining the humble tyre. That’s right, usually there is only ASSuMption, there is no vision until the tyre catastrophically fails and life flashes before us. Only then is there vision but alas it could be too late. By starting from the ground up when considering vehicle maintenance vision is required to plan for the required actions.

The first premise of maintenance for a rubber tyred vehicle is to ensure that there is the appropriate pressure in the tyres before operations commence. If there is, then we understand that functions like steering, drive traction and braking will be to the expected standard. It is not rocket science to maintain tyres appropriately, just due diligence and a little vision.

Now when considering the business environment, sustainability is paramount. There is little reward for making a huge profit today and a huge loss tomorrow, lots of effort for lots of pain. With sound and sustainable relationships that extend throughout the business model, from employees to suppliers to client’s, successes can be generated and sustained.

If any link of the supply chain is weakened guess what happens to the chain? For a vehicle to be profit generating it has to be moving, as we say at TyreSafe Australia “if your tyres aren’t turning they’re not earning©”.

The vehicle can be metaphorical as say a government could be considered as a vehicle of the people or in reality our mode of road transport. If the foundation for the vehicle is not appropriate then the outcomes are inevitable, failure is only a matter of when not if.

Why then does business ignore the foundations? Is the thinking that the edifice of industry is strong enough to support itself? Why do so many governments ignore the realities of change in our global societies? Could it be there is a lack of vision? What do you see that others about you do not? When John Powath established the publishing house he empowered his people, his teams. His vision was long range. Now Powering Ideas and Networking, we know as PIN 365, has evolved and John’s vision is being purposed on the foundations he set in place. John saw in the future what could be achieved and now Antony and his teams are building on the foundations John set in place. Consideration of others in our environment (and environment is not just limited to the geographic surroundings, think virtual environment for instance) is a basic requirement for a successful society yet I fear the trend towards “what’s in it for me?“Well, if we look at the performance of a tyre without the basic vision to be able to determine that pressure maintenance is required on a regular basis then I feel the future is bleak. The tyre’s performance will not be to expectations and costs will be in excess of what we think is fair or reasonable.

The lack of maintenance for the humble tyre is symptomatic of the lack of vision employed by many but can I suggest primarily “the leadership”. We look to our leaders (in all walks of life) for such vision but when they can’t see any light how are “we” able to be sustainable and profitable? Such leadership has to start from the ground up. Next time you go to “a vehicle” consider the foundation it rests upon. Is that foundation actually capable of providing sustainable service or is it just masquerading? All “we” ask for is sustenance so our children and their children have somewhere to live and be successfully sustained. All the humble tyre asks for is the appropriate inflation pressure for the work you require of it. Do you have the vision to start at the foundation?

I welcome PIN365 and look forward to making contributions to further enhance tyre safety on a global basis. Congratulations Antony and your team!

•Adam Gosling and the team at TyreSafe Australia provide guidance and direction for all tyre users. Safety is paramount, so is efficiency and sustainability. Tyres are a globally universal product, the requirement for tyre safety is also a global standard.

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