By TT News| Sep 24, 2021

Vittoria Group To Set up Bicycle Tyre Greenfield Plant in Thailand

Vittoria Group will invest $20 million to set up a  bicycle tyre greenfield plant in  Thailand.

The plant will produce premium bicycle tyres for the global market and double the company's total produciton.

The company said the investment will enhance the Lion Tyres Thailand (LTT) factory from 36.000 to 52.000 square meters in the Bangpoo industrial district, near the current LTT headquarters.

The company has been operating in Bangkok since 1988 under Lion Tyres Thailand (LTT).

The new plant is scheduled to commence operations by the end of 2022 and will generate 400 employment.

"The new Lion Tyres Thailand greenfield factory is a much-needed investment to match the bicycle industry demand for speed of supply and high-quality products," said Massimo Zanco, Vittoria Group Chief Operations Officer.

"The new factory is an important milestone in our journey towards sustainable and carbon-neutral manufacturing," said Stijn Vriends, Vittoria Group President & CEO.

The new plant is designed on a sustainable approach. It will include solar panels, intelligent climate control, bio & recycled materials and electrical curing will make it the first carbon-neutral factory in the bicycle tyre industry.

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