By TT News|Oct 12, 2020


The year 2020 has been a dramatic year for the tyre industry, due to the global pandemic. Now, as lock-downs around the world start to ease, the big question everyone is asking is: How can we get back to normal operations as fast as possible? How can we move from hanging on- surviving- to growth and profitability again- thriving?

VMI, the Netherlands-based leading manufacturer of automated tyre building machines, has a globally strong presence and has been a major influence in South and East Asian countries for two decades and more. Few businesses are better placed to comment on likely market developments and effective strategies in this uniquely difficult time.

Mike Norman, Chief Commercial Officer of VMI, talked to Tyre Trends on how the next few years could play out.  

“It’s been tough for us all,” Norman commented. “After all, in 2020, VMI is celebrating its 75th anniversary. We wanted to hold parties and events all over the world, bringing together our own people with partners, customers and friends to meet, talk about what matters to us all and think about the future.” Those plans had to be put on hold, due to the Covid-19 crisis. The need to build effective plans for the future, however, has become perhaps more urgent than ever.

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